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Bunny Cottage Preschool and Long Day Care Centre


Caption: Nickolas Varvaris MP with Ms Sharon Akkanen, Director of Bunny Cottage.



On a recent sunny Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of visiting the Bunny Cottage Preschool and Long Day Care Centre in Bexley, a family oriented suburb in the electorate of Barton. I was invited by the director and owner of the centre, a qualified childhood educator, Ms Sharon Akkanen for their 20th birthday.


The Bunny Cottage, like other childcare centres across Australia, plays a pivotal role in the community for working parents. It is symbolic of a fundamental social pillar – families. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to parents that day and discuss with them the importance of quality childcare.


Whilst some are privileged to have the help of extended family members to care for their children, I fully recognise not everyone has the luxury. The Bunny Cottage is a firm reminder of the importance of such an institution to families where childhood educators provide quality programs to adapt young children to society.


The Bunny Cottage should be commended for providing quality education and care in a home-like nurturing environment, operated by the same family since 1994. Their strict adherence to small intakes ensures quality provisions in the crucial stages of development.


With our population expanding and parents juggling work-family commitments, childcare centres like the Bunny Cottage are precious resources in our communities. We are fortunate in Barton to have such a fantastic centre run by dedicated staff to prepare our youngest generation.



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