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Mental Health Awareness Week - 'Elephant in the Room'


It was great to be with the team at the Wesley Mission Hospital in Kogarah yesterday for their discussion of Mental Health Week. The Kogarah Hospital is a 30-bed provider of world-class care for mental health sufferers.


To mark the occasion of Mental Health Awareness week, the ‘Elephant in the Room’ was an analogy for the often ignored illness that affects so many of our family members, workmates and friends. Just like an elephant in the room which all individuals can sense yet are reluctant to discuss, the hidden yet pervasive nature of mental illness makes is difficult to confront for many of us. Whilst we now have a great clinical understanding of mental illness, we must pair this with a deep social understanding amongst the community and reinforce that it is both acceptable and vital to seek and offer support.


As a father, husband and leader within the community I feel a sense of responsibility to the 1 in 5 individuals who will suffer from a form of mental illness every year, and I commit myself to being an ambassador for the health of everyone within our community – mentally, socially and physically.