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Lifts to be Built at Arncliffe Station


I commend the recent announcement by the New South Wales Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian, that the State Government will install lifts at Arncliffe Railway Station within my electorate of Barton.


For years, community groups and individual constituents with mobility issues have been raising their concern about the lack of a lift at the station.


Residents who are elderly, mothers with prams and children, and those with impairments that prevent them from walking up stairs, the lack of a lift had presented a significant problem.


For the average able-bodied person, no lift at a train station means the opportunity for exercise or a slight inconvenience if you are carrying bags or tired after a long day. For those with small children, disabilities or the elderly, however, it is the difference between accessing train services and being unable to travel.


Representatives such as John Flowers, Member for Rockdale and Cr. Michael Nagi of Rockdale Council have been joining their voices to those of the community regarding this issue, and now their calls have been heeded by the NSW Liberal Government.


This is an encouraging move, which ratifies the clear intentions of Sydney Trains and the Minister for Transport to make Sydney’s stations accessible for all.


I commend the Minister for Transport for considering the most vulnerable within my electorate and call on all responsible bodies to make haste in installing the much-needed lifts at Arncliffe Railway Station.