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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe's Visit

Caption: Prime Minister Abe with Prime Minister Abbott.


"We will now join up in a scrum just like in rugby. Let us walk forward together - Australia and Japan with no limit – yes, we can do it."

It was a real honour to be present as Shinzō Abe spoke these words this morning in a special joint sitting of Parliament to launch his visit to our shores.

I was truly privileged to witness firsthand as Prime Minister Abe addressed both members and senators with wit, poignancy and energy.

His presentation shed light on the fact that Japan and Australia have become the firmest of friends in the road from the conflicts of the twentieth century to the peace and cooperation of the twenty-first.

Our partnership in the liberalisation of trade, cooperation in matters of international security and joint commitment to principles of compassion in time of need have seen our relationship become a shining example of peaceful partnership to the whole world.

I particularly welcome Prime Ministers Abbott and Abe’s signing of the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Japan today.

On behalf of the people of Barton, I welcome Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to Australia.