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Bengali New Year Festival


Caption: Bangla Meli!


As Federal Member for Barton, I was delighted to be invited to the 2014 Bengali New Year festivities held at the Athletic Centre in Sydney Olympic Park.


It was an honour to celebrate the 2014 Bengali New Year with distinguished guests and my state and federal colleagues in parliament.


The festivities were a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together from all cultural backgrounds and celebrate this wonderful event.


As the federal representative for Barton, I am proud of the cultural diversity of my electorate and others like it.


Australian communities should be immensely proud of the way we live together in peace and camaraderie. We also have cause to be proud of the colour and vitality that ethnic communities bring to the area.


Bangladeshi culture is such a core component of my local area and I am proud of the cultural gifts brought to the Australian community by Bangladeshi migrants who contribute to creating a diverse, interesting and prosperous nation.


I am extremely proud of the way in which cultural, business and social relations prosper from events such as today which enrich Australia’s economy and society.