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Australia Day


Caption: With wife Dorette, son John and daughter Renae at the Carss Bush Park Australia Day Celebrations.


It was my honour to preside over a citizenship ceremony on Australia Day this year. It is always an honour to be present and involved in such an important day for new citizens, many of which have travelled long distances and endured great hardship to come to Australia. A truly enterprising and courageous spirit inspires all of Barton’s new migrants and it was a pleasure to meet with them all.


In the evening, I attended Kogarah Council’s Australia Day celebrations at Carss Bush Park. My family and I enjoyed the diverse foods and cultural celebrations on offer and particularly appreciated the Chinese Dragon Dance which built anticipation for the quickly-approaching Chinese New Year celebrations.


The fireworks were, as usual, truly spectacular and a fantastic time was had by all. I was so proud to be representing my electorate on such an auspicious national occasion.


Australia is a welcoming, diverse, strong and imaginative country. We believe in mateship, loyalty, and a fair go for all. We know how to enjoy ourselves and how to look after one another.


All across Australia, our national day was celebrated with traditional barbeques, get-togethers and a spot of cricket. It was a pleasure to celebrate the day with the local community.